The Sandglass as Allegory for Ethical Evolution

A Dialogue




Ethics and the evolution of values, sandglass, overlapping time moments, ethics of information, Rose Ausländer, Christoph Stückelberger, Eduard von Hartmann


As a child we all admired the sparkling desert crystal sand grains of the sandglass, and while they slowly, silently rolled down, occasionally, we started dreaming, after having turned it very carefully, watching the grains taking different directions, as the sand was suddenly starting to dance! While the sunlight reflected on the even flow of crystal grains, imagination soared far, into the actual deserts, desert ships, camels, into the fantasy worlds… It was good to dream, freely, realistically, or with a free imagination. As in the sandglass time moments are overlapping, never simply a passing of time as bidirectional succession of points. The duration of the present suggests a radical experience of the hic et Nunc. The sandglass gives us also about five minutes to figure out the right order of our experience. It is both short as an aphorism, both long enough to captures some real perfection and harmony in the world. In our dialogue we tried to crystallize a few central ethical notions, such as an ethical evolution in time, captured by the allegory of the sandglass, which opens not only the imagination but also challenges the decision-maker: “Now quick, take the right decision, I give you five minutes!”    




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Békefi, L., & Haaz, I. (2023). The Sandglass as Allegory for Ethical Evolution: A Dialogue. Journal of Ethics in Higher Education, (3), 41–48.



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