Crisis of the Common Good or Great Hope?

Reflections on a Concept Borrowed from Obiora F. Ike


  • Ignace Haaz



Common good, integrity, conflicting values, value pluralism, common interests, space for deliberation, integral development, development and education


Obiora F. Ike’s impressive amount of research texts on ethics can be found on Library. In general, there is no need to search for a justification of a life work and commitment to values, when a person reaches beyond a certain level of experience in life, in any field of professional work, even more in spiritual and ethical development. In the following lines I shall focus on the value of the common good for a person who not only had precise notions about a philosophical and theological concept, but taught by the example, believing integrity matters and integral development can be a life-long mission and altruistic commitment, even if life can be either simple or complicate.