Ethics as a Way of Life

A Case Study at Yezreel Valley College




Ethical Competence, Ethics in Higher Education, Ethical Education, Academic Ethics


The dynamic landscape of ethics in higher education is pivotal as organizations and individuals navigate diverse stakeholder needs. Ethical responsibility becomes an integral facet of all professionals, highlighting the crucial role of ethical education in preparing students for post-graduation success. The acquisition of ethical competence, rooted in knowledge of ethical principles, equips students with the tools to make ethical decisions, shaping their ethical behavior and responses. Yezreel Valley College exemplifies this commitment, with a well-defined Code of Academic Ethics reflecting universal values and principles, overseen by the College Ethics Committee. In summary, this case study offers insights into Yezreel Valley College's ethical education practices, emphasizing the significance of ethics in higher education and the dynamic interplay between ethics and professionalism. The college's proactive approach positions it as a leader in addressing ethical challenges and adapting to changing environments while fostering ethical competence in its students.




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Rispler, C., & Yakov, G. (2023). Ethics as a Way of Life: A Case Study at Yezreel Valley College. Journal of Ethics in Higher Education, (3), 145–156.



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