Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

An Analytical Assessment




Artifical intelligence, AI, ethics, higher education


This article proposes a model of analysis to guide factual comprehension and normative positioning around the use of AI in higher education. We will analyse the four most impactful options of use of AI in the higher education sector considering the current development of this technology. These are: the co-construction of knowledge, the use of AI for tutoring or mentoring, the rise of adaptive platforms and predictive capabilities. We will propose an exercise of analytical reflection for each use, appealing to some of the dimensions of the proposed model to guide their use. The result is intended to be fruitful, insofar as it warns against the risk of biasing the analysis by losing sight of the deeper implications and commitments required to discern the use of AI.



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Bellomo, S. T. (2023). Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: An Analytical Assessment. Journal of Ethics in Higher Education, (3), 87–114.



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