Book Review of The Ten Commandments

A Chinese Catechism of Living




Biblical theology, global and contextual Christianity, Ten Commandments, intercultural approach, Chinese catechism


This book review discusses You Bin’s intercultural approach to construct a Chinese version of catechism through the Ten Commandments as the vital content for both Chinese Christians and non-Christians in the Chinese context. It shows that integrating God’s Ten Commandments into Chinese traditional culture and social settings is not necessarily meant to compromise its biblical-theological essence with one’s self-critical awareness of culture. It suggests how this book might set an example for both theologians and practitioners to bring back the catechism, to bear upon the needs of contemporary Christians in the non-Western setting.




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Wenjuan , Z. (2023). Book Review of The Ten Commandments: A Chinese Catechism of Living. Journal of Ethics in Higher Education, (2), 161–168.