Translating Western Philosophical Concepts

Observations from the Perspective of Translating into Chinese


  • Chee Chian Cheng Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore



Translation, cultural differences, semantics, Chinese context, translation of philosophy


Translation of western philosophical concept into Chinese is often considered to be challenging. This is attributed to both linguistic and cultural differences. This article discusses these challenges under four categories, namely terminology, semantic understanding and context, philosophical disputes, and language reconstruction and combination. For each category, one or two examples are presented to illustrate the challenges.  How each of these challenges is resolved is also discussed so as to provide the readers with some guidelines if they encounter similar challenges in their work.




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Cheng, C. C. (2023). Translating Western Philosophical Concepts: Observations from the Perspective of Translating into Chinese . Journal of Ethics in Higher Education, (2), 69–78.