Language and Value Orientations in Higher Education

An African Socio-Ethical Understanding


  • Chijioke F. Nwosu



Language, Value orientation, Africa, Diaspora, Higher education, ethics


Language plays a central role in the life and activities of our world. This article is a theoretical analysis of the dynamic powers of language in driving possible value-based orientations in higher education. The multilingual nature of the continent of Africa and its bilateral lingual experiences during the colonial eras should be considered as both factual and impacting factors in evaluating language dynamics within value orientations and learning in the African case study. To this end, the article attempts to contribute to the fact that there is a need to find or reinstate value in Africa’s linguistics dynamics and its complexities, as well as give them properly structured orientations within the new phase of repositioning Africa in the global spaces.

Author Biography

Chijioke F. Nwosu

Chijioke F. Nwosu studied Applied (Philosophical), Theological and Christian Social Ethics, with research experiences from across Nigeria, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.




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Nwosu, C. F. (2023). Language and Value Orientations in Higher Education: An African Socio-Ethical Understanding. Journal of Ethics in Higher Education, (2), 1–27.