On Evolutionary Biology, the Apostle Paul and Common Good


  • Jakob Bühlmann Quero Globethics.net




Evolution, natural/social selection, biology, Darwin, Spencer, common good, naturalism, St. Paul, emotions


In this article our aim is to present some of the coordinates of the debate around common good. Starting by recognizing the importance of common good for the Christian worldview after the presence of it in St. Paul’s “the manifestation of Spirit is given for the common good”, we will present two ways of interpreting the development of our moral and emotional tendencies that have to do with two different evolutionary approaches. By the end of the article, we hope to have established the argumental advantage of the cooperativist in front of the social Darwinist, opening the possibility for a possible interpretation of evolution as guided towards common good.




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Bühlmann Quero, J. (2022). On Evolutionary Biology, the Apostle Paul and Common Good. Journal of Ethics in Higher Education, (1), 215–230. https://doi.org/10.26034/fr.jehe.2022.3386