Call for Papers | Issue 3(2023): Time for Education


Globethics and the Board of Editors of the Journal of Ethics in Higher Education (JEHE) release
The Call for Papers 

Issue 3(2023): Time for Education
Deadline for contributions: first week of November 2023.

Keywords and cascade of sub thematic options
-Time to save the planet: sustainability, sustainable development;
-Theology, poetry and the narratives of transformative visions;
-Evolution, progress, social ethics and the human-machine nexus;
-History, traditions, time and the authentic local rediscovering of indigenous values: understanding postcolonial education, understanding new political localism and conservatisms as reaction to or fear of losing historical roots;
-Philosophy of time: enduring, perduring, presentism, temporal becoming, space like static time;
-The temporal experience of international education, future challenges in education and ethics: New roles of universities and civil society organisations.
-The time of the great expansion of education systems and emerging technologies. Education as human formation (Bildung) and training in the context of global transformations.
-Meditations with reference to time and what makes education “higher education”: individual and collective self-mastering of time or the overcoming of obstacles of some “petty temporalities” (as resisting the sirens of new demagogues).

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